Company Profile

Dorrenhaus was founded in 1872 as a high-end Germany gating hardware brand.

Dorrenhaus had entered into the Chinese market in the 1980s, and supplied numerous households with high quality hardware products.

At the core of our $20 millions business is the knowledge and experience of the 200+dedicated employees behind our brand. We provide a wide range of door closers that includes

Hydraulic door closer, Heavy duty door closer,Concealed door closer, Fire rated door closer, UL listed door closer, CE certified door closer,Economic door closer, American / European style door closer, Door closer parts.

With our independent R&D team, quality control units and operational excellence, we have achieved an annual output of 1,200,000 - 1,500,000 set Up untill present, we have become the long term supplier to top brands. with our products recognized and approved over time.

Main international and domestic certification and standards that some of our products passed:

1)American National Standard: ANSI 156.4 Grade 1, life cycle test of 2 mil. cycles

2)American UL228 & UL 10C for 3 hours fire testing

3)European Standard CE: EN1154, life cycle test of 500,000 cycles

4)European Standard CE: EN1634 fire testing

5)China National Standard: QB/T 2698-2005 Grade 1, life cycle test of 1 mil. cycles

6)China Compulsory Product Certification for fire rated door closer

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