Installation Method of Closer
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    The most commonly used shutters are external shutters, which are installed in the following ways:

    The most common standard usage is that the door closer is mounted to the hinge side and the door opens. When mounted in this way, the arm of the door closer protrudes outward, about 90 degrees with the door frame.

    In the second use, the door closer is installed on the opposite side of the hinge and the door is closed. Usually an additional bracket provided with the door closer is mounted on the arm parallel to the door frame. This usage is usually unwilling to install the door closer on an outward open door outside the building.

    The shutter fuselage is mounted on the door frame instead of on the top of the door. The shutter is on the opposite side of the hinge of the door. This usage can also be used in outward-facing doors, especially those with very narrow upper edges and not enough space to accommodate the shutter fuselage.
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