The function of the door closer
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    Modern hydraulic door closer (hereinafter referred to as the door closer) began in the early twentieth century, a patent registered by the United States, it is different from the traditional door closer, through throttling the liquid in the door closer to achieve buffer effect. The core of the design idea of hydraulic door closer is to realize the control of the closing process, so that the various functional indicators of the closing process can be adjusted according to human needs. The significance of the door closer is not only to automatically close the door, but also to protect the door frame and door body (smooth closure). More importantly, the door closer has become an indispensable part of the intelligent management of modern buildings.

    Closers are mainly used in commercial and public buildings, but they are also used at home. They have many uses, the most important of which is to make doors self-closing to limit the spread of fire and ventilation in buildings.
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