What is the difference between door closer and floor spring?
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       Door control products in the hardware industry are very important accessories in our life. Although door closers and floor springs can ensure that the door returns to original position accurately and in time after being opened, there are still differences between them. Normally, the door controlled by the floor spring can be opened in two directions , but the door closer can only be opened in one direction.

       The door closer is a spring-like hydraulic device on the door head. When the door is opened, it can be automatically closed by compression and release. It is like a spring door and can ensure that the door is opened accurately and timely to the initial position. It is often used in public places, and of course it can also be used for home. At the same time, we can also adjust the relevant functional indicators by ourselves. In addition to the function of automatic door closing, it also has many additional advantages.

       Floor springs are mostly used in glass doors in various shopping malls. It is a hydraulic door closer, but the equipment used to compress the spring is a turbine instead of a rack. Because the turbine can rotate forward and backward, the floor spring can be used for doors that open in both directions. The basic configuration of the spring is the sky shaft and the earth shaft. The sky shaft is an accessory connecting the door frame and the door leaf on the upper part. In use, the difference in service life in different floor springs is also very large.

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