《Enterprise Power Wisdom》Training
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On April 23, 2016, the company organized a "Business Intelligence" training event in the conference room. The training was conducted by Mr. Liao Wenlong, senior lecturer of Think Octopus Group. The general manager and senior management of the company participated in the training.

The teacher - Liao Wenlong explain the eight major thinking, the four directions and four methods with humorous language and vivid examples of life.

Eight thinking, including independent thinking, conversion thinking, intergration thinking, level thinking, partner thinking, learning thinking, forwarding thinking and target thinking.

Four directions refers to the positioning of life, beliefs, values and giving.

The four methods are convention, motivation, interaction and system.

The training was conducted in groups, in response to points and interacting with each other. Participants actively participate in the training and have a lively learning atmosphere, achieving a deep learning effect.
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