Company Fire Drill
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    In order to improve staff's awareness of fire safety, test the company's fire facilities, enhance staff resilience in case of emergency, self-protection capabilities, so that each staff understand fire knowledge, encounter fire, fire know how to alarm, how to fight, how Evacuation of personnel, how to rescue the injured, March 27, 2016 Company Administration and Safety Supervision Office arranged a fire training and fire fighting exercises.

    Before the start of the exercise, the person in charge first explained the precautions and methods of escape when the fire broke out, hit the "119" alarm and on-site control methods, and the unit organized a full exercise and then explained various "firefighting equipment" Correct operation and use method.

      Then, several delegates were selected to conduct field fire drills (pictured) so that they could learn about fire safety through personal experience and hearings, how to avoid fire during the initial fire and how to escape during a fire.

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