Fire door closer is very important
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    Fire door closer is very important

    Nowadays, in shopping malls, the normally closed fire doors at high-rise safety exits often become "normally open fire doors", which are mostly caused by the loosening and damage of the door closers on the fire doors, which are not repaired and maintained.

    Fire doors are mainly used in stairwell entrance, evacuation corridor, pipeline wellhead and other places. They are usually used for the passage of people. They can prevent the spread of flame and the flow of combustion smoke in case of fire. When the door closer on the fire door is loosened, push it by hand, and the fire door can not automatically close after opening. It becomes a "often open" fire door. If there is a fire, it can not prevent smoke from fire. Therefore, the correct way is to close the fire door at ordinary times, but can not be sealed and locked. Because once it is sealed and locked, it will be difficult for people to escape from the fire.

    The function of fire door closer should not be neglected. The user should strengthen the maintenance. Fire doors are the most problematic accessories of this product. Fire doors are shutters and sequencers. In addition to the safety exit with large usage in peacetime, the inspection should be strengthened to prevent the emergence of "often open fire doors", it is particularly important to select brand products with reliable quality.
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