How to choose high-quality fire doors
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     Different fire doors have different flame retardant time in fire scenes,so that the effect is very different. There are many ways to choose a high-quality fire doors. It includes the material of the product, internal fillings and fireproof accessories.
     The common types of fire doors are wood, steel, stainless steel, etc. Among them, steel fire doors will be better than wood in terms of strength and impact resistance,the stainless steel fire doors is more resistant to high temperatures than steel.
     Internal filling material is also an important point for judging the quality of fire doors. According to the national standards, the material of the fire door should be non-toxic and harmless to the human, and it should be tested by the relevant national testing agency with the requirements. Only in this way it can bring better fire protection effect while ensuring human health.
     In addition to this, we must concern about the accessories with fire doors. Because of the door weight,it also has higher requirements for hinges and door closers. Especially in door closers,it equipped with the fire door must be a fire door closer. When we encounter a dangerous situation,it can help us to prevent the entry of dense smoke and provide more opportunities for us to escape.
     We will hard to choose when we face to many of it. Theoretically, the performance of steel fire doors will be better than wooden,the new materials used in it will make the fireproof effect better, the strength and impact resistance of the door will be stronger. Its more suitable for public places such as shopping malls. The stainless steel fire door is also a new type, which not only plays a role in fireproof, but also has the function of anti-theft, and it can protect against explosions at high temperatures. So, when making a choice, we must choose the right product according to the actual situations.
     At the same time,it must be high-quality products with merchant qualifications. Only in this way we can avoid risks and ensure our safety.
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