What factors should be considered when choosing a door closer?
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Different door leaves have different requirements for door closers, and the correct selection also has a great influence on the use. You can refer to thefollowing aspects.

1. Door leaf width
      Steel fire doors use hinges as the axis to drive the door leaf to open and close. The wider the door leaf, the greater the distance between the center of gravity and the hinge axis, the greater the torque required to control the door leaf rolling, so the door leaf width is the door closer The primary element of force selection. If you choose a door closer with a too small force level, the door closer's closing torque will not work and the door cannot be completely closed; and if you choose a door closer with too large a force level, although the closing torque is sufficient, it will also bring the required door opening. The problem of excessive force.

      2. Door leaf quality

      The quality of the door leaf of the steel fire door is an important element in the selection of the force level of the door closer. Theoretically, the door leaf component is all accepted by the hinge, and the door closer does not accept the component. In practice, the hinge will undergo elastic deformation after receiving the door leaf component, which will cause the door leaf to sag and increase rolling friction, which will affect the use of the door closer.

      3. The wind/pressure of the operating environment
      In some special applications, such as pressurized rooms or sealed rooms, or occasions with better natural ventilation, there are varying degrees of wind/air pressure. These wind/air pressure will act on the door leaf surface of the steel fire door, preventing the door leaf from closing, and adding force to the closing of the door closer. Therefore, when using in the above-mentioned occasions, it is necessary to add 1-2 force level selection based on the actual situation.
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