The effect of door closers on the door
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    The sort of door closer is the accessories of the door industry in the hardware accessories industry. Usually,we are extremely easy to be misled by the“accessories“,and think it is not important, but in fact it is indispensable and door closers must be installed in the fire front room, evacuation stairs, people gathering and other places.

    When the quality of life improves, people will consider more about their personal safety. Although the fire door is not commonly used in our daily life,but it plays a vital role in crisis relations.

    The fire door is a functional product with protection from wind and rain, fire and theft,door closer is a key component of it, the most important role of door closer is to prevent fire disaster and theft. The function of automatically closing the door can help us effectively block the smoke caused by the fire in the emergency, which can extend our waiting time for rescue;In our daily life,it also can avoid theft if we forget to close the door. In addition to these, it also includes buffering, slow delay adjustment, and adjustable door closing force.

    Without these accessories, our door is far from the functional requirements, so we must not underestimate the quality of the accessories on our doors,which can often greatly improve our home safety and service life. Fire doors must be equipped with door closer. At the same time, The price and quality of door closers on the market are not uniform, so we must choose high-quality brand products more carefully.
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