Top Ten Hardware Brands of Doors and Windows in China
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Top Ten Hardware Brands of Doors and Windows in China

Topstrong: Guangdong famous brand, Guangdong famous trademark, high-tech enterprises, Guangdong private science and technology enterprises, hardware accessories ten brands.

2. Ikov EKF: Founded in Germany in 1980, specializing in the production of door-controlled hardware companies, 10 hardware accessories brands, industry well-known brands.

3. Guoqiang: China's well-known trademarks, Shandong Province's well-known trademarks, the drafting unit of relevant national standards, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center.

4. GMT: Stanley Baide and GMT joint venture established, Shanghai famous trademark, the largest domestic spring production enterprise.

5. Heittich: From Germany, a world-renowned brand, one of the world's largest furniture hardware manufacturers, group company.

6. Golden Hippocampus: Guangdong Province's well-known trademark, well-known household brand, China's furniture industry, one of the largest chain commercial institutions, leading the household circulation industry.

7. Haifulle HAFELE: From Germany, a famous global brand, one of the world's largest suppliers of furniture hardware and building hardware, a multinational enterprise.

8. Bailong Blum: started in 1952, the world furniture and kitchen cabinet hardware industry leading brand, one of the famous manufacturers of furniture hardware accessories.

9. Huitailong: famous trademark of Guangdong Province, famous trademark of Guangzhou City, excellent enterprise of national building decoration material industry and influential brand of industry.

10. ARCHIE: China's well-known trademark, Guangdong's famous brand products, Guangdong's well-known trademark, Guangdong's top 100 private enterprises, the industry's well-known brand.

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